Memories of butter

When I was a wee toddler, my mother left me at daycare every morning. I don’t blame her, she had to work to get the chow for our household of two, and it was obvious she needed help. This daycare cared a lot for what happened at the households of the children they accepted, and as part of their programs they gave out cookbooks. Mind you, little things made in typewriters and stitched together, but valuable resources of economical food.

In this case, a blend of tomato, onion and garlic (with my handheld blender -no need of the ninja for this) made a base sauce into which I incorpored a couple helpings of my almond butter.

When fully incorporated, I added the chicken, and let it poach in the sauce. When fully cooked, I garnished with cilantro.

The original recipe called for peanut butter, but honestly, the substitution was a perfect match, and this reminded me of the times when my mom would cook it for me. Good times.


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