Last day of my CSA

Last Friday was the last day my CSA delivered for the season. They went out with the full monty, and I came home with a large bunch of carrots and a fairly large amount of turnips. However, today I will talk about the cabbages. I got three different cabbages this time, so I immediately looked for new ways to cook it.

In this case I used Whole Life Eating’s Chorizo with Cabbage recipe. I mised-en-place the onions, peppers and cabbage, all cut to small pieces, and got my Whole Foods chorizo (bulk, since it was cheaper than links).

As usual, I first fried the onions in coconut oil, and then I added the peppers and the cabbage (not following the recipe, a mistake of mine). I waited until the cabbage started to wilt and then added the chorizo, breaking it down with my spatula, until fully cooked.

The best thing of this dish? It can double as breakfast, lunch, or if served with a hearty soup it can even be called dinner. A triple treat indeed!


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