Spices for the firemen

I did a dish similar to this one a while ago, Bill and Haley’s Zucchini lasagna. In this case, instead of zucchini, I’m using cabbage, as suggested by Brandon and Megan in their Unrolled Casserole.

I washed the cabbage, and put it in simmering salted water for ten minutes, to soften it. Meanwhile, I took out an adobo sampler I got from Savory Spice Shop a while ago, when I decided to buy a jar of Herbs de Provence when they were donating a portion of their sales (well above ten percent, was it fifty?) to Colorado’s Fire Department, which at the moment were fighting relentlessly against the fires attacking the nearby woods.

I decided to use it since the ingredient list was pretty similar to the one asked by the recipe, and honestly I was not going to buy three different types of paprika for just one recipe. I can’t afford it!

I browned the meat with the adobo, and I also added a teaspoon of it to a can of crushed tomatoes, but I also added a pinch of sugar (Oh God I’m breaking so many rules I’m gonna die -not) to fight the acidity of the tomatoes.

When the meat was cooked through and the cabbage was soft, I proceeded to do the lasagna? Casserole? Layer by layer: cabbage, meat, tomatoes.

Into the oven for an hour, and this beautiful dish came out.

So good! Also, you should definitely follow Health-Bent!


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