Cooking with scraps II – Turkey revenge!

So I spent my sunday cleaning the fridge. A probable biohazard.

PhD comics – Jorge Cham
While doing it I remembered that I had some turkey carcasses and some scraps I had been saving over time in order to make stock without having to wait for me to buy chicken. The turkey were the remnants of the Sous-vide Turkey my brother Greg made for our Theta Tau’s Chapter Fakesgiving (I need to modify my crockpot to become a sous-vide) and the scraps were onion peels, stems from collards, bits of carrots, a leek I had chopped and frozen, all the bits that I would have sent immediately to the trash bin.

Wait! I had to defreeze them.

There we go. Since I believe a good stock takes a while, I always put it in the crockpot. That way I can forget about it and leave it there for a couple days. Just making sure the water has not all evaporated away.


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