Michael Ruhlman’s Six – What came first?

No, I haven’t forgotten rules four (onions) and five (acid). It’s just that my logistics (fine, my lack of organization) dictated that I worked with eggs first.
Eggs are the swiss blade of cooking. They can be a foundation (cakes, custards), a compliment (sauces, mayonnaise), a work of art (souffle) or a complete meal in themselves. So it is understandable that Ruhlman dedicated a whole chapter to them. He spends a lot of time talking about the multiple uses of eggs -particularly for custards.
Scrambled eggs are NOT my specialty. That would be the frittatta, since all I need for that is a broiler, a cast iron pan and whatever I find in my kitchen. Scrambled eggs, on the other hand, are a subject of eternal debate between my american friends and I, since I prefer to scramble them in the pan, while they prefer to scramble them in a bowl and then curd them in the pan. Being an american, Ruhlman follows the latter and I decided to follow the recipe.

Eggs in a double boiler is probably one of the things I would have NEVER thought to do. So I sliced some chives, opened the goat cheese, beat the eggs until uniform and waited for the water to boil.

First some butter, then the eggs, then… wait? Even though the water was boiling and the inside pan was hot the eggs took a LONG time to cook. Really long time. At some point I gave up, moved it to the stove, added the goat cheese immediately and prayed to God it would work. It did, but of course some of it stuck to the pan.

Chives and more goat cheese for garnish. They tasted like heaven, or what heaven would taste like were it made of eggs and goat cheese.


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