Revisiting the quiche

I already talked about this quiche before, back when this blog was beginning. As a matter of fact, it just hit me that I’ve been writing my cooking adventures for the past four months! To be honest, I thought I would get bored by the end of the second week, but having this challenging me to cook something different everyday has been both thrilling and scary, and enough to keep me going.

Not just that, but it’s changed me. When I was younger, I used to frown at some food just because it looked weird or because I didn’t fancy eating it. If I visited a restaurant I would stick to dishes I knew, denying myself the opportunity to try new stuff. When I attempted to cook, I would just breeze through prepackaged food and not pay any attention to details.

Now I am willing to try everything on the menu, as long as it keeps within certain primal limits (I don’t eat corn, I ask about the oils, but rice is free game when I’m at a restaurant). I am more daring when I have to cook a rare cut, and liver has become one of my signature dishes. Now that I cook, I think about what I want to do, and what are the steps involved.

I’m still a survivor of the kitchen. I mostly read cookbooks and try to replicate the recipes, but every once in a while I have to come up with something out of my sleeve. I’ve started reading books on cooking theory like the good nerd I am, but I’m still far away from accomplishing anything good from scratch. Nevertheless, now I am capable of spotting my own mistakes, and I learn from them.

This quiche is simple, but it requires a bit of mise-en-place. You need shredded zucchini, and for that a food processor works best. Chopped onions, butter and sausage, all prepped when the oven is preheating to 350F. With all ready to go, it takes less than ten minutes: the amount of time it takes to sautee the zucchini in butter and the sausage in coconut oil, just until cooked. Then mix everything together with the beaten eggs and stick it in the oven.

Yeah, I repeat recipes every once in a while. It is practice what makes perfect. Recipe from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.


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