Easy peasy not japanese

Even though the store associated with health by excellence -even if it’s because of a clever marketing campaign or something else, I truly don’t know- is Whole Foods, I love the fact that in the same strip mall I have a small hidden treasure called Vitamin Grocers, a store that is usually a hair cheaper and has a more interesting collection of items. The best advantage of this store is that everything is organic and all products are properly labeled, so it is easy to find allergens when looking for ingredients you rarely use, like olives.

Another thing I love is crockpot recipes that can be prepared ahead of time. In this case, a lovely dish of stuffed olives, almonds, cumin, salt, pepper and turkey stock. I put it in a jar according to the size I was going to use, and put it in the fridge. When I finally cooked them, I took one jar out, a packet of chicken thighs and dumped everything in the crockpot.

Easy, peasy, delicious. From My Paleo Crockpot


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