Smoothie week – Chocolate Vanilla

This week I will be talking about smoothies. Easy, quick and filling meals.

I’ve talked about Toad before. He’s probably one of the most interesting paleo cases out there, experimenting with himself over and over and trying to achieve a great state of living in a minimal setting. He’s thinking about dropping the Paleo label, since he thinks it’s too restrictive -and causes too much conflict between people who want to eat well and people obsessed with the “Is this Paleo?” question.

This smoothie, from his Smoothie recipe book (free!) involves Primal Fuel, one of Mark Sisson’s supplement, but can be easily substituted with cacao powder and whey protein powder, which is great since Primal Fuel is actually a bit expensive. I used it, I’ve been buying it since I went back to the gym, but I used chocolate instead of vanilla and added a couple drops of vanilla extract. It also has shredded coconut. The smoothie tasted great, though you do feel the coconut in there -I would mix it every once in a while with the wire whisk that comes with the bottle.


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