I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!

Hello world!!! Did you guys celebrate any holidays? Did you enjoy them? If you celebrated any Winter Festivities, I hope you had a great time. If you didn’t, I also hope that you had a great time.

I’m still alive, I survived my three weeks period in the depths of Mexico’s Drug Dealing warzones (sadly, my hometown is one of the most dangerous cities to live in) and I’m ready to rumble. And I have some announcements to make!

First, this week the posts will be short and picture-less -I will be talking about some culinary findings that I did during these three weeks in the realm of mexican food that is actually paleo. No, we do not feed exclusively on tortillas and tacos. One of the things I had will surprise you, trust me.

Second, I will also talk about my preparations for my Whole30! I will be doing one since, well, I had absolutely no control over my food for the past 21 days, and while I tried to avoid the most dangerous stuff (meaning I avoided my aunt’s world famous custard) I did eat a lot of things that probably damaged my gut -even if a little bit.

Third, I will continue with Michael Ruhlman’s Twenty until I finish my Whole30 since some of the techniques will clash. However, rule number five -acid- will be featured within the Whole30.

And last but not least, I’m starting on a new string of posts! I will keep this on the wraps for now until I sharpen it out, but it’s a series of cooking experiments I’ve been doing centered around one appliance. Any good guess which?

And with that, let us begin this new year!!!!


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