The other dish mexicans (or at least, us from Durango) consume while curing a hang over from the weekend and getting ready for Sunday’s soccer beers is Barbacoa, which is completely different from barbeque.

Photo from Wikipedia
In its most basic form, barbacoa is sheep’s or goat’s meat steamed until tender – as a matter of fact, they will sell you the cuts (depends on the butcher, but shoulder is usually a good choice) and you only need to steam it; when served you accompany it with chopped cilantro, chopped onions and a plethora of sauces. However, the more you dig into the history of this dish, the more fascinating techniques you find to cook it, including the mythical Bajio’s method (referring to the geographical location in mid-Mexico, around the state of Guanajuato) in which they dig a hole, they put embers, and they introduce the whole sheep wrapped in banana leaves to steam for twelve hours. They tend to reserve that for weddings.
I have to say this is one of those dishes I miss the most, I commit myself to do it and then forget about it until I have the cravings again. It’s a simple dish (I am not going to bury down a whole sheep in the ground – knowing Boulder’s environmental laws they would probably call me and question me) and it actually has a pretty good yield, since the meat is shredded and it then to get stuck into the teeth, making you chew more slowly and letting your stomach reach the point of fulfillment. However, it is sacrilege to serve it with a salad (tacos are mandatory when discussing barbacoa) so you need to make a hearthy, full of vegetables soup to go with it.


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