Does this make me a cook?

My best friend (Hola Alfredo!) is a professional chef. As in classically trained, worked in restaurants and was featured as one of the main cooks in a massive county event in Durango, Mexico, a couple months ago. His specialty are meats in mexican cooking, but he failed his course on bakery. Mind you, he was working on a charity to feed poor people, but still, he failed.

Me? I am not a chef. Not a cook. Not even a fry cook. If I were to work at Denny’s most of the dishes would be returned because they look ugly or something they wouldn’t like. I, however, made to goal to survive in the kitchen even if it were by following recipes blindly left and right. Yet, Alfredo pointed to me that during my journey I must have picked up some little skills and techniques that might actually make my food a bit more my own, and not just following a recipe, and surprisingly I have to agree with him.

The Bacon and Cabbage soup I always cook is mostly chopped bacon, with its fat rendered in which cabbage is fried and then boiled in chicken stock. This time, however, I decided to first fry some onions and some garlic in the rendered fat before I added the cabbage; I added pepper and herbs de provence to the cabbage when fried and let it boil for almost thirty minutes, with just a dash of apple cider vinegar as an effort to bring out the flavors.

The result was a much more intense, much deeper soup. I am happily chowing it down as an attempt to keep whatever bug I caught away. And I am also proud that I am actually starting to make concoctions that differ of the Kitchen Sink approach I use every once in a while.


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