Rediez, que esto no es paella!

So this weekend I spent it in an amazing Yoga workshop with yes+ Boulder (Hi everyone!) but that cut my time short and I didn’t do my usual sunday cook-it-all day. Heck, I didn’t even had time to go grocery shopping – or planning the meals of the week! So what I did was as soon as I was done I took the bus and went to Whole Foods, while frantically looking at my RSS feed and grabbing the first meal I saw.

And that’s why I love my cellphone. Long hail Google and the Nexus phones!
Now, even though it looks like it, this is not paella. Paella has LOTS AND LOTS of ingredients, particularly LOTS AND LOTS of seafood, but Brent and Heather’s version is a magnificent simil. And while I think this is a good base to add more seafood ingredients, such as lobster, crabs and mussels, I ain’t from the East Coast (not even a beach) so I won’t do it.
First thing I did was to cut up the chicken in pieces, and sprinkle it with oregano, paprika and turmeric. Since it was pretty late when I started doing it I decided to let it sit overnight instead of just thirty minutes and waited until the following morning for it to be cooked.

Before I took it out, I riced some cauliflower, chopped some onions, peeled some garlic, thawed a bag of shrimp and opened a can of tomatoes.

And sliced some chorizo. Which I fried first in coconut oil, and then removed it. Then I fried the chicken in the oil in order to sear the meat and removed it again. My chicken still gets stuck to the pan whenever I try to do it, but I finally saw that it is because my stove is not perfectly horizontal, and makes the liquids (and in this case, oil) get stuck in one side of the pan, rendering the other side a perfect site for stuck meat.

After searing the meat, I fried the onions until translucent, moment in which I added the garlic and the tomatoes. I want to point out that the original pictures had the oil looking transparent while mine had taken a lovely red color, that infused in the onions. Different chorizo, maybe? I got mine from Whole Foods!

When boiling, I added the rice and the shrimp, and let it simmer for a bit. Then I returned the chorizo and the chicken, and stuck it in the oven at 350F.

Twelve minutes later, my oven-proof meat thermometer said that it was around 160F, so I took it out and let it sit for another ten minutes, so it would finish cooking itself outside the oven.

This thing is probably going to feed me for a week or something, it’s huge!


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