The beauty of simplicity

Sometimes the best meals come out of the simplicity of cooking with very little ingredients. That’s what can make a dish economical and yet delicious. This time it’s just frying liver in bacon fat what can make a meal phenomenal.

As usual I got my liver from Triple M Bar ranch – hey, they were the ones who sold lamb to Hickenlooper so he could pay his bet to Maryland! – and sliced it up pretty thinly. Since I was going to fry it and I wanted to ensure it will cook through, I sliced it even more thinly than usual.

The breading was just almond flour with salt and pepper. Meanwhile I put the bacon to fry so it would render the fat out.

And piece by piece, I fried the liver. In order to keep with the compliance of at least 60% of vegetables, I served it with a huge serving of spaghetti squash.



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