Who killed Colonel Mustard?

Like NomNom said this week, when you have thawing meat in the fridge it is convenient to have it in a bowl to avoid blodd spilling all over the kitchen, which has happened to me several times. Not just that, but it is also convenient to not have anything else in that bowl, otherwise this might happen:

I have to say, this recipe was interesting to do, because it is supposedly a substitute of macaroni, but to me at least it didn’t look anything like it. Rebel’s story seems to be that of many parents, whether Paleo or not: my son won’t eat healthy, he will just eat boxed stuff. Reminds me of this scene, iced coffee included. However, being 24 (I’m getting old, aren’t I?) I am more open to the idea of eating food that is health, so I proceeded to do it. Besides, it begins by frying liver in butter. What else can I ask for?

As a good bookend for the week, I followed the recipe pretty close and actually did do a mise-en-place – the opposite of this Monday’s recipe. I decided to slice the liver, again to improve its cooking while frying, but not as thinly as yesterday’s since I knew I would mince it and that it would still be cooked later.

While the liver was being fried, I chopped the onion. When I removed the liver and started mincing it, I sauteed the onion and the garlic.

Then I put the liver back, with oregano and coconut aminos. I did have some red peppers (chipotle) but something that looked a little bit like mold seemed to be growing on top, and while I’m sure it wasn’t that much and probably could have just removed it, I’m too paranoid about that – besides, since my roommate works with a lot of cultures, I never know which ones are healthy and which ones are poisonous.

Some ground meat, beef stock and tomato sauce later, I let it simmer for a good while.

And then added the murderer. I mean, cauliflower.

After a while, everything was cooked through, the kitchen smelled delicious and the plate was filling. And I’m still waiting to reheat it – Rebel says it tastes even better!


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