Whole30 prep: Ghee

I’ll be honest: I was supposed to do a Whole30 as soon as I got back from Christmas break. Quite the opposite I’ve been eating a lot of stuff I shouldn’t, including sugar. The horror! It’s not like I’ve been going back to an SAD, but since work has been eating my time away I haven’t had time to prep for it. Because it does take a lot of prep – mostly hounding for sugar-free condiments, and the fish sauce that I just bought is not like that, so I will have to wait.
That has not stopped me from doing one of the things I was most excited to do during this journey (that is still happening!): ghee. To render the fat from the butter, filter it and have a much more gentler fat to cook was an appealing idea that I had for a while now. I had even done my research, and while the idea of using the stove or the oven scared me (I didn’t want to burn it up!) I did use the crockpot.

Getting so much butter meant going to a place where so much butter would be cheap. Costco! I still don’t understand why this butter is in the cheese aisle, and not with the butter. Also, I couldn’t find non-salted, so I won’t be using this ghee on baking (good! Whole30, remember?)

So I dumped everything in the crockpot, turned it on low without a cover and walked away. Six hours, two recipes, three rounds of dishes, four episodes of Friday Night Lights and a huge amount of ironing later, most of the solids were at the bottom while the golden liquid was on top.

And I took out the colander, nut milk bag, cheesecloth and got into filtering it.

I was not capable of removing ALL of the solids. I would have needed a coffee filter for that, I believe. I’ll get one at some point. What I need to do is to control myself when it comes to buying stuff at Costco – I spent so much! I’ll have stock for MONTHS now.


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