More salads in more jars

So I am forgetful. Really. A lot. That’s why I keep looking into stuff like Getting Things Done and the Secret Weapon Evernote integration in order to keep my life in check. As soon as I know I have to do something, I write it there and then periodically check it out so I know what I am supposed to do next. Except when I forget jotting the tasks down. Like taking the chicken out of the marinade.

This satay had one of the most simple, if not packed marinades I’ve seen: ginger, paprika, cayenne, fish sauce, salt, pepper, turmeric, coriander, cumin, cloves, allspice, mustard, coconut aminos, lime juice… It was a lot! but so good! Well, I may have overstepped on the turmeric… and while the recipe didn’t call for it, since it was a decent marinade I decided to let the diced chicken soak for eight hours.
Except I forgot. I took it out 30 hours later.

Since I panicked, I decided to fry the chicken in coconut and serve it over a salad consisting of kale and spinach bathed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Turned out pretty good! So much I had it for breakfast, lunch (in the jar) and dinner! Well, I also ate a can of tuna when dinner, since apparently 2 lbs of chicken ain’t that much for this kid.
Recipe from My Paleo Life


One thought on “More salads in more jars

  1. Make tabouleh and put it in jars like I did last year! I miss that stuff. I’m sure you could find a paleo substitute for the bulghur wheat bits (or just leave them out entirely). Sooo yummy when made fresh.

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