Everything is bigger in… Thailand?

Brandon and Megan are not from Texas, so the fact that I used that title is completely ridiculous, but then again, so are these meat balls.

Actually, I’ve been wanting to do these meatballs for a while now, and while I did acquire all the ingredients last weekend, Rush week at my fraternity has driven me insane. I’m literally writing this during one of the events! Anyways, meatballs are always easy: mix all the ingredients together and put them in the oven.

First was to fry the garlic a little bit, and since the fat was by choice, I decided to open that jar of beautiful ghee I just made last sunday.

Then mix everything else, including eggs, fish sauce, almond flour, curry paste (I substituted the hot sauce since I didn’t have any) and the garlic just fried. I dumped the ghee just in case. Those red bits over there? Roasted peppers. And the green ones? Some basil that I had frozen. Bad idea – it was soggy and wilted when it thawed.

Fold in the meat, and make balls. BIG BALLS.

And after thirty minutes of baking, I was able to chow this while my roommates kept eating their cereal. At least one of them sprouts it.

Doesn’t it look beautiful?


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