Cooking in batches

One of the main advantages of buying a whole chicken is that you get quite a bang for your buck. I mean, with ten bucks I got all this!

It’s been a long journey from the guy who couldn’t hold a knife well to the one who managed to cut that up in five minutes. I still need to bring it down to three.
Anyways, I am doing chicken this week because I need to save money because I spent a lot becaue I am going to a show. It’s my splurge – well, that and food. But the food happens everyday so I guess it’s not a splurge? Wait, I’m deviating to another subject again, aren’t I? Where was I?
Ah, chicken.
So I cut this guy up in pieces and salted it. And fried it in coconut oil.

Another thing that I’ve learned is that it is almost never good to crowd a pan. A small tour of my previous posts will show you that is something I use used to do a lot, but I am getting better at it. Smaller batches to ensure everything cooks uniformly instead of a big blob that may have cold spots. After I fried the chicken I introduced a sliced onion

and sauteed till golden. I returned the chicken, added a couple cups of chicken stock, some thyme, more salt and let it boil like there was no tomorrow.

Because for the chicken there wasn’t. Also, best served with greens.

Recipe from my mom. She cooks. Every once in a while. Love you mom!


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