How to tell if a pepper is gonna kill your taste buds

A lot of people hate to devein and deseed peppers. And it’s understandable, because it burns. As a matter of fact, a good way to know if your dish is gonna end up spicy is how much does the spice bother you when dealing with it. If it’s a little bit, your dish will be spicy but manageable. If it’s a bit more, well, it’ll be more spicy. In my case? I was bloody sneezing everywhere!

Just like yesterday, a whole chicken, cut up. But this time, with salt and pepper.

Fried, in batches.

And now we fry the dried chiles. In this case I used Mirasol, because it was what I had in hand, but the recipe from my grandma’s cookbook called for Chipotle. Since I interchange those two whenever I’m making enchiladas, I said whatever.
However, cleaning up those suckers had me crying and sneezing and swear I almost bled out of my nose. I’m joking, I’m joking!

Something that you have to be really careful about is frying the chiles: since they are dry, they will more easily burn up. Just like it happened to me. After frying the chiles you return the fried chicken to the pot, add chicken stock, salt, pepper and epazote (if available, you can find it at Whole Foods or at any Mexican grocer) and let it stew until tender.

Mine was spicy as hell.


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