Fermenting follies I: the fatter the thicker

Well, I attempted to do fermentation a while ago, but that didn’t work. My cream never thickened and I decided to throw it away. However, I made the decision that I had to do it again, specially since I’m interested in lactofermenting my condiments (so I can actually make ketchup that’ll last in my fridge for a while… and maybe sri racha) I decided to try again.

After reading Nourishing Traditions for a couple hours, I decided to make buttermilk first. Not just because according to Dr. Fankhauser is the most foolproof ferment you can make, but because it can be used later to make whey and cream cheese. So I gathered some milk, some cultured buttermilk and proceeded.

I measured one cup of buttermilk and then three cups of milk (I was not sure of the freshness of the buttermilk, so I decided to use Fankhauser’s large ratio).

Poured it into mason jars and left it on top of the fridge for a day!

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture but my end product was super thick. Almost like a yoghurt. The taste is fine – a bit tart, but not like rancid or anything, so I am confident I did not screw up. A quick google search told me that the fattier the milk, the thicker the buttermilk – and since I used cream top, I guess it can be understandable.


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