Chipotle jello

So every Tuesday I started going to free yoga at a chapel two bus stops away from my office – again, thanks to the amazing people from Yes+ Boulder – and what I really like is that at the end, we get to do a slight meditation/me time. This week I was particularly stressed (I had overworked myself in the gym) so it was completely surprising that I did not fall asleep. Or that I thought of a way to improve this recipe.

So I opened the container of chipotle jello I got from cooking the chicken, and melted it…

…while I warmed up the chicken…

…and I mixed a tablespoon of my recently cultured sour cream.

The result was a much thicker, much creamier sauce (and less spicy!) that covered the chicken keeping it moist, and creeped through the veggies making them taste delicious!



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