The missing ingredient

Sometimes we have all the ingredients at our disposition. We have the most perfect, juicy chicken. We have the spices we’ll use on it: coconut aminos, ginger, garlic powder, salt, pepper, paprika.

We have the equipment we need – a nice bowl were to mix everything and leave it marinating. A griddle where to grill it – or to stuck it in the oven so it’ll roast nicely. An oven thermometer to ensure the right temperature when cooking.

But sometimes, most of the times, an ingredient is missing – time. We don’t have the time to cook, or the willing to do it. After all, we spent all of our day working in an office trying to solve some big problem our boss threw at us, the last thing we want is to think about cooking.

Or we spent the whole weekend organizing events for our school, and the usual meal planning day we are so tired that we cannot muster the strength to just cook for an hour or two, and all we want to do is sit down with a good book (such as Steven Low’s Overcoming Gravity) and a nice, hot, cup of tea (or bulletproof coffee.) And that’s OK. Because after all, time is the only thing we can’t get back.
As long as we pick ourselves up and do not let it become a standard of our lives, it is good to waste a little time every once in a while.
Even if it’s just because you could not use it the way you wanted.


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