Multiple lines of work

Not only a good practice to save time, multiple batch cooking also saves energy. In this case, I cooked my chicken (a concoction of coconut aminos, ginger, onions and paprika marinating chicken drumsticks) with a braised cabbage (from Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint Cookbook) in order to save both. The chicken I explained yesterday, the cabbage a while ago, but since I had done it horribly wrong, here’s my attempt to make it right.

I quartered the cabbage, and then halved those quarters in order to get eigths. I spread all the wedges in two baking dishes and added carrots and onions to them. The dishes were lightly oiled with olive oil, and then I drizzled more oil on top of the veggies. Since this is a braise, I added chicken stock.

I wrapped them in foil and stuck them in the oven at 350F (on purpose lower than the 375F the recipe mentions) for an hour. After that, I took them out, and carefully flipped them over so they would cook evenly.

I reintroduced them in the oven, with the chicken so it would cook for an hour at 350F (see? On purpose!)

An hour later I took them out and drizzled Balsamic Vinegar all over the veggies. I didn’t returned them to braise at an open fire because, well, it started to char a bit, and I thought that was enough cooking. Apparently I was lacking in the amount of chicken stock used.

Definitely a good pair, chicken and cabbage. Well spiced both of them, but a great pair!


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