Oil in my hands

First of all, I´m sorry. I’ve been too busy at work, and that has made me fall back onto recipes that are either easy or that I can make with my eyes closed, and that’s why I haven’t posted anything in the past couple days. I swear I will catch up at some point, but it might take a couple days.
Now, this past weekend a lovely blizzard came upon Colorado and forced me to stay indoors. Since I had bought a huge packet of almond flour because I was supposed to make carrot cake for my frat potluck but ended up making sweet potato brownies I opened my Evernote account and filtered all my recipes with “Almond Flour”.

That happened.
They are from Elana’s pantry and the original recipe is quite awesome because it’s vegan and removes the “Can I share this with you?” factor that i encounter when cooking for others sometimes, the only sugar comes from honey and besides the chocolate (I had some Enjoy Life chocolate chips from the brownies – soy free, dairy free, gluten free, but a bit more expensive than your usual chocolate) all the ingredients are handy. Well, I didn’t have palm oil shortening so I subbed with coconut oil.

Thing is, when I was making this dough in the food processor… it wasn’t working. It was crumbly. And in my inexperience I kept adding coconut oil. And it wasn’t helping. So I gave up and whisked and egg in, and that helped. A lot. But when I was folding the chocolate chips in the batter was OILY. I had to squeeze the oil out by hand, making a mess. A huge mess.
But after baking carefully (less than ten minutes at 350F) the cookies came out. Chewy, not crumbly, and roommate approved.


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