Michael Ruhlman’s seven: riding the water

So whenever I feel a bit down, I cook liver. I’ve found out that it boosts me up and it gives me an extra surplus of vitamins that helps me recover much more quickly, just like chicken broth. And black sauce liver remains my favorite way to cook it. However, when reading the recipe again (and applying Ruhlman’s first Think) I realized I was not doing it right.
See, I would always deglaze the pan with some water, add some butter and then coconut aminos, and while the result was pretty good, sometimes it would be a bit clumpy since the almond flour would be burnt or stuck in the pan and give me a lot of trouble. But after reading Ruhlman’s seven Butter, I realized I was supposed to do a sauce – beurre monté.
Beurre Monté is a sauce made with butter whisked into water and then flavored with whatever else you need. In this case, coconut aminos and less than a tablespoon to give a nutty flavor to the sauce. The technique is to warm up but not boil the water, and whisk the butter continuously so the fat won’t separate.
After doing it, it turns out to be that it is pretty easy. However, my grandma’s cookbook does not say anything about it, and probably that’s why I just did my own (and probably wrong, since the beurre monté tastes much much better)
I’ll owe you the picture. I did this when I was going through a rough patch in my work (my laboratory stuff wouldn’t run) and I didn’t left my head in the counter just because it is attached to my neck


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