Marinating the spring

In case you haven’t noticed, I usually don’t cook pork. Not because I don’t like it – as a matter of fact I love pork; but because I never know anything about the pork I get from the store. My best bet tends to be always Whole Foods, and even there it only reaches a Step 2 in their Animal Grading scale.

However, reading this I decided to give it a go and have some. After all, once in a while won’t kill me, and it would be a welcome change from all the chicken and beef I’ve been getting lately. So I got me some pork chops and slit their fat, so they would not curl up when cooked.

With my pestle I crushed some pepper, thyme and salt. I added this mixture and half an onion, chopped, to a mix of lime juice and olive oil.

And I marinated the chops in it.

While 45 minutes seemed like enough, I actually prepped these pretty late so I let them marinating overnight. In the morning, I took a couple out and cooked them in my cast iron s

Since they were too thin for my thermometer, I went with the how does it feel method to tell if they were done, and served them with a side of roasted cabbage.

Boy that was easy. Recipe from Lemon Squeezy


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