Bake’em hot!

I have to say that I consider most of American foods bland. While I am not like some members of the Mexican cuisine tradition (including many, many grandmas) that would go around every dish saying “It needs more chile!”, “It’s not spicy enough” and so, but really a lot of the food around here could use a little kick. And that’s what excited me about these pork chops from the Virginia Hunter Gatherers which is all about the spices.

In my pestle I put garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, paprika and chili pepper and mortared the heck out of them.

I rubbed the pork chops (from the new meat delivery system I’m trying out, Locavore Delivery in Denver and ziploc-ed them overnight. Actually a couple of nights, I forgot

Using my roommates’ smaller griddle I seared them both sides (a couple minutes each) and then baked them for a good half an hour at 350F.

I served them with steamed broccoli because I had just steamed broccoli, but I’m pretty sure a green salad works wonders with them too. I also used leftover pork and cabbage to make a lunch salad (of which I didn’t get a picture. It’s not like I instagram ALL of my food


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