The difference between a pork chop and pulled pork

I love my crockpot. No, I will not marry it (seriously, people!) but it’s definitely a life savior and a marvel for the rushed cook. So whenever I read the recipes from My Paleo Crockpot I rejoice in the simplicity of them.

I mixed honey and balsamic vinegar in a small plate until fully integrated. I decided to go with my gut a little bit in this case and rubbed the chops with salt and pepper, and then coated them with the mixture on both sides, making sure they were prefectly coated. Then I dumped them in the crockpot with all the liquid that I had left.

Since I knew I was going to be out of the house for longer than the six hours indicated in the recipe, I added half a cup of chicken broth and set it on low. Seven and a halfish hours later, the chops were not only fully cooked, they were starting to fall appart as pulled pork.

They go perfectly good with steamed greens, like broccoli and carrots.

Or with sauteed broccoli stalks. Yes, they are edible.


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