Meat volcanoes

I’ve already talked about Russ’ journey through his heart surgery, his recovery, and now he is fantastically raising a little girl. It’s a great inspiration just to follow his recipes, and more importantly since he makes a great effort to find interesting folk dishes and adapt them to a diet that follows the ancestral type of eating (not all of his recipes are 100% paleo, but he specifies it in each o


These are russian cutlets. No, seriously, the cyrilic word (котлеты) translates, according to my Eastern European friend (Hi Jim!) to cutlets. So I took his word for it and proceded to mix the beef with salt, pepper, ground mustard, a whole egg and the results of blending half an onion an three cloves of garlic.

Yeah, I didn’t sweat them. My bad.

In the meantime, I melt some butter and used it to fry some tomato sauce, chicken stock (always in the fridge) and pepper. And let it reduce for a while.

Keeping an eye on it, I proceeded to make the cutlets.

And bake them. Notice the little borders? I wanted to make sure I would be able to hold the sauce in them, and not just have them swimming in sauce.

They cooked for 20 min at 350F. When I got them out (cast iron griddle, what would I do without ye?) I poured the fat into the sauce, which I mixed with some creme fraiche (that I’ve kept culturing ever since I made my first batch) and poured in the cutlets.

And they ended up looking like volcanoes. I didn’t realize the change of size in the meat due to cooking would alter the shape of the cutlets into… volcanoes. Delicious, though!


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