Kentucky baked, take one

Well, I already have a Fried Chicken recipe. However, I found myself with a chicken and virtually no idea on how to cook it (Har Har) so I turned to my grandma’s cookbook to see what I could do with it. Lo and behold, a recipe for Fried Chicken that is not fried appeared.

I’m not exactly happy with the way this recipe turned out – I still want to tinker with it. The procedure is pretty basic – chop up the chicken, crack an egg and whip it with salt and pepper, dunk the chicken in the egg and then in flour.

I used almond flour, don’t panic, and then put it all in an oven proof container and bake it.

Two things happened with this recipe. First, the crust did not form that nice and sweet way I had got before, and I blame the flour: instead of using the usually coarse Almond Flour I get at my local Sprouts, I used a super fine almond flour I got from Amazon when I decided to make cookies.

Second, the chicken came out a bit dry. Not “I’m choking” dry, but dry, and that makes me a sad panda. I’m looking into marinating the chicken (Kim suggested buttermilk, which I’m culturing myself so that would be interesting) and hopefully it’ll come out better next time.


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