When lacking something, look at the ingredient list

I’ll admit that I’ve been missing some stuff from back home. My mom’s Mushrooms in Green Sauce is one of them, and I haven’t tried to emulate them just yet because the stores I frequent don’t carry tomatillo. Yes, I should go to the mexican store. When it stops snowing and I can bike there thank you very much.

So when I was wandering in George’s site and found this Chicken Tomatillo recipe I was stoked. Now, he has two versions – one with home made salsa, which I’m pretty sure it’s a thousand times awesome (or at least, easier to manipulate) and one with store-bought salsa. I gave up and spent ten minutes in the aisle of Vitamin Grocers reading labels until I found a satisfactory salsa jar.

Another thing that I loved about this recipe is how mexican it looks. Well, everything that has green, white and red gets classified as that, even though we share colors with Italy and I am babbling now and haven’t said anything about the recipe. Basically, a green pepper, a red pepper, a tomato and an onion, all of them sliced, tossed with mushrooms, salt, pepper, oregano, cumin, lime juice and the salsa.

The chicken goes first – this is to allow the salsa to penetrate from the top into the chicken, and allow it to mix with the juices that will be released by the animal.

Just like that.

Six hours later (in low, like usual), the chicken comes out moist and tender… even probably to the point of destruction. That’s what happened to me, so I immediately took the veggies out, the chicken, and the sauce in three different containers, shredded the chicken and made lettuce wraps with the veggies and the sauce as sides. Awesome.


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