I need carbs

I usually eat a lot. A freaking lot. A “Alan, you are scaring me” amount of food. Thing is, even if I get satiated, it won’t last that long. Almost the opposite of what is supposed to happen when most of your calories are from protein and saturated fats, right? Well, what happens is that when I’m being a lazy bastard and just doing what I do for a living, I actually can feel satisfied pretty easily. But when I work out… well, things get out of hand.

So I’ve decided to go up a teeny little bit on the carbs. As in, I will try to eat a sweet potato a day. And what better way to do it than breakfast! Learning from NomNom I shredded it and fried it in butter with salt and pepper. I did that on purpose – I still don’t know what flavors go well with a sweet potato, so I decided to keep it simple.

Yeah, my breakfast was three fried eggs, one whole sweet potato (fried), one broccoli head (steamed) and some cauliflower, mashed. And I was hungry around noon after that.
I’m a freaking worm hole.


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