Calorie Bonanza

So I tried to do the Spartan Military Sprint in Ft Carson a week ago.

I failed.

And it is the popular opinion that I did so because I lack fat. See, I’m a skinny bastard: I’m 5’11” and I weigh 139 lbs on a good day. My body fat is in the single digits (but I’ve got a mean six pack) and when you try to compete in a race with a lot of mud in a cloudy and windy day with no training whatsoever that missing fat may be a key component of why you get hypothermia.

But next year will be different, I’ll be much better trained, much better equipped, and me and my team will destroy that race.

Yes, I’m doing it again, and for that I am increasing my calorie count.

Boulder’s public library has several books on Paleo, but almost always they are checked out. I have to consider myself lucky for finally snagging Chrissy’s Paleo Slow cooking. I’ll be honest – I was not aware of her site and I haven’t checked it yet. I just got into this massive “I should check out all the Paleo books” mood in the library and that’s how I got it. I have to say I am impressed.

I am a fan of slow cooking because of its simplicity. Chop, dump, cook, forget. That’s it. I have several tales of chicken and beef so the Carbaganza was the first thing that I wanted to do. Immediately. And since today was a gym day it seemed much more important than ever.

I cut up and peeled three sweet potatoes, one apple and put it in the slow cooker with some cinnamon for six hours. After that time, the sweet potatoes were soft so I could dump them in the food processor and have a nice paste that looked not unlike baby food. I deviated from the original recipe by adding nutmeg and raisins in order to bring up the sweetness even more.

This should be plenty for three weeks. Unless I go wild on my portions. AGAIN.


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