Cooking with an iPad

This project came to me when a friend told me I should have a blog relating my adventures through my Paleo cooking journey. Mostly it was my excuse to get an iPad.

The main idea is simple: I’ll find a recipe either online or in one of several books I inherited from my mom (more traditionalistic mexican food), cook them (with whatever adaptations to my kitchen/paleo lifestyle are needed), take pictures and comment about it, all from my iPad.

All the recipes that I find online I will link you to them (and their amazing blogs, much much greater than this little corner of the interwebz) and if taken from a book I’ll let you know which edition and other info so you can try and find them at your local bookstore.

I will also chronicle my life as a graduate student with a poor man’s budget attempting to live Paleo/Primal.

Why an iPad?
Well, I wanted to have a blog, but I don’t like the idea of writing the post in one equipment, take the picture with another and then publishing it with something else. I wanted to have everything in one ecosystem, so a tablet seemed in the works. As for why specifically an iPad, well, some of the Paleo apps so far have only been released in the Apple App Store (I’m looking at you, Ms. NomNom) and since I intend to acquire them at some point, It seemed like an organic decision. Also, it looks pretty.

Who am I?
My name is Alan Izar, and I am currently a PhD student in Chemical Engineering at University of Colorado at Boulder. I’ve been interested in cooking since I was an Undergrad at Monterrey Institute of Techonology in Mexico, and got interested in the Primal/Paleo movements when I found about them while looking for ways to gain weight (ironic since most people use Paleo to lose weight.) While I am in a slightly different position than most college students, my budget and most of my appliances are still within the student lifestyle so I hope I can also help and guide college students who want to try this lifestyle.

I need to insist: I am not a chef, not even a cook. I basically survive in the kitchen. Most of the recipes I will take them from other sites and try to adapt them to either my budget or my personal tastes, but seldom will be my original creations (maybe later, when I get the hang of this). All credit is where is due, and the websites I’ll link you too I can assure you are much more awesome. I’m just here for the ride.

If you need to contact me you can do so at alan[at]


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