Red stew

One of the things I’ve been trying to use more is my crockpot. I mean, technically all I have to do is prep some ingredients and I will have a perfectly cooked meal with minimal effort, right? What throws me off is the fact that, well, most of what I know I can cook in a crockpot is stew, and stew meat is not cheap (well, not for me – it’s always between eight and ten bucks a pound for grass finished meat) so I tend to forget about it. Yes, yes, I know there are several chicken and pork crockpot recipes, but I forget! And speaking of that, I’ve never seen a fish-in-a-crockpot meal, have you?

So I decided to modify this stew that I saw at Chowstalker a while ago. Instead of using half and half meats I went all board and used two pounds of ground beef, which I cooked in ghee (I haven’t finished that batch I made three weeks ago) and condimented (except for the coriander seeds – I don’t have an extra mill, and breaking those things with a pestle is a p

Like the recipe mentions (sorry, couldn’t find the author’s name, but I’m assuming she’s a girl due to a picture posted on the site) the most problematic portion of this recipe is the mise en place: chop the onions, slice the carrots, panic for not having chipotle en adobo and use roasted peppers with basil instead (again, leftovers from a previous recipe), open the tomato cans, have everything ready before you turn on the stove. After that, is quite easy to just turn on the stove, cook the meat with the spices, and then dump everything into the crockpot and cook it overnight.

Waking up you have a very hearty stew – no, the lack of stew meat didn’t turn it into a chili, it had too much liquid to be considered one. Mine, however, was a bit too oily – maybe I used too much ghee when cooking the meat, maybe I shouldn’t have poured the meat cooking liquid into the crockpot as well – but the taste was awesome.


Bread does not mean wheat

A meatloaf is just a giant meatball. As a matter of fact, my mom calls it like that in spanish: “Albodigon”, from the word “Albondiga” for meatball.

There are several iterations for meatloaf. The recipe I used, from Fast Paleo used apples and carrots, but not celery. Since my mom’s uses celery, I added to it!

After mixing the meat, celery, carrots, onions, oregano and eggs, I mixed it really well by hand and put it in my meatloaf pan. However, it didn’t fit. That’s when the muffin tin came to the rescue!

I have to admit, this is a filling meal. One slice or one muffin and I’d be full for the day, which was interesting since I ate them as breakfast. Also, I should’ve made ketchup.

Morning Scramble

OK, so usually my morning begins with scrambled eggs of some sort. This time I’ve ran out of veggies to put in the scramble, so I only cooked my usual three eggs in butter.

However, in order to keep with the rules of meat and veggies, I roasted some cabbage I had around. I just sliced it, coated it in coconut oil and salt and pepper, and put it under the broiler for some minutes. Had to keep an eye on it though, since the cabbage can burn easily.

As you can see, meat and veggies. I don’t scramble my eggs befor cooking them, I crack them open on the skillet and scramble them there, and that’s why they are both white and yellow when they are served. For taste I use Alton Brown’s advice of thyme and basil. They always turn out amazing.

I also always have a bowl of strawberries with greek youghurt and chocolate. I will probably die since I cannot afford Organic Strawberries. I do wash them thoroughly.

And here’s my breakfast. In the cup ther’s my attempt to replicate the bulletproof coffee. Too much butter for one cup, I guess. For sweetness I add coconut oil.

Today’s link is to Bulletproof Coffee. The actual recipe is for a lot of coffee, and that’s why I was attempting to replicate it in a smaller batch. Didn’t work, but it was drinkable.