Links you should visit

Here I will be adding all the pages that I have used in my journey, and that you should definitely visit too! Instead of adding them all at once, I’ll add them whenever I publish a link from them, so you ant track them chronologically.

Bulletproof Executive
Because coffee is still a serious business, no matter if it’s not longer the Starbucks tall you used to get every morning, I could never afford it!

Civilized Caveman Cookblog
Great recipes, even more amazing pictures and one of the quickest to respond your questions paleo bloggers in the interwebz. And particularly appealing to the male palate I would say, but the girls also love the recipes!

Sun Prairie Beef
Ranch in Northern Colorado that sells 100% grass fed beef that is actually affordable if you have a freezer, since their meat boxes are planned for standard kitchens. They also have recipes and I will try some of them at some point.

Mark’s Daily Apple

Does he even need an introduction? Mark Sisson’s blog, with recipes, advices in primal living and probably the best community I have visited. There is tons of information there, and there is also the option to buy books on the subject.

Nom Nom Paleo

Queen of the Sous Vide and probably one of the most prolific writers in the Paleo world, what I love most about this site are Michelle’s Paleo Eats, where she chronicles her adventures as a Paleo cook – mom – pharmacist – and what not.

The Food Lovers’ Kitchen

What else can I say about these guys that I didn’t say in my video review of their fabulous book, Make It Paleo? Definitely specializing in the art of hosting people over and feed them Paleo foods, they are a must when you are looking to offer food to people who are not Paleo – and not necessarily want to tell them about it. Also, they have an app that includes meal planning.

Slim Palate

Joshua is a Paleo wunderkind (if you don’t believe me, just read his bio) and let yourself be amazed by his story. Also, his recipes vary from the complex to the simple, and there’s something you can always cook from his repertoire.



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