Don’t forget the meat


I love Juli’s blog because she’s sassy and she cooks amazing dishes. Though she specializes in Paleo substitutions (and the theme of her upcoming book, appropriately called “OMG. Is that Paleo?”) every once in a while she makes completely original stuff like this: chopped cauliflower, sweet potatoes and onion with a bunch of spices, baked for half an hour.

Easy to make, easy to eat, don’t forget the meat!
Caveat lector! Today I officially enter a three week period known as winter break. What does it mean? Well, I will not be in the US for the following three weeks, and since I’ll be home, I will be subject to my family’s cooking, unless they finally believe me and let me cook something. How does that influence this blog? Well, while I have a couple recipes that will go automatically next week, there will be a period in which I won’t cook -but I will upload any particular food finding that I deem paleo enough for me to talk about. Oh, did I mention it will be real mexican food?
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