Hello Mr. Piggy

One of the things I usually don’t buy is pork, since at least all the pork I’ve seen has as the highest rating just “organic”, and just like several sources have pointed out, that can be a bit misleading (or flat out hiding other problems) I’ve never felt that comfortable buying it. However, every once in a while a change of food in the menu is in order, so I decided to do it this week.

Pork chops are probably not the cheapest cut, but they are quite easy to make. In this case, I rubbed both sides with salt and pepper, and fried them in coconut oil until both sides were seared, and they had started to cook inside.

When cooked (but not done), I removed them from the fire, and in the mixture of grease that was rendered and coconut oil I fried onions and mushrooms.

Then with some sour cream the mushrooms morphed into a creamy thick sauce.

When thick and rich I put the chops back in place. Since they were already salted I didn’t add salt to the sauce, but you can do that while it’s thickening if you think it’s lacking flavor. I let them boil in a low fire until the meat was done.


Marinating the spring

In case you haven’t noticed, I usually don’t cook pork. Not because I don’t like it – as a matter of fact I love pork; but because I never know anything about the pork I get from the store. My best bet tends to be always Whole Foods, and even there it only reaches a Step 2 in their Animal Grading scale.

However, reading this I decided to give it a go and have some. After all, once in a while won’t kill me, and it would be a welcome change from all the chicken and beef I’ve been getting lately. So I got me some pork chops and slit their fat, so they would not curl up when cooked.

With my pestle I crushed some pepper, thyme and salt. I added this mixture and half an onion, chopped, to a mix of lime juice and olive oil.

And I marinated the chops in it.

While 45 minutes seemed like enough, I actually prepped these pretty late so I let them marinating overnight. In the morning, I took a couple out and cooked them in my cast iron s

Since they were too thin for my thermometer, I went with the how does it feel method to tell if they were done, and served them with a side of roasted cabbage.

Boy that was easy. Recipe from Lemon Squeezy