A different kind of liver

My roommate, Nick, has been working in a farm for a couple months now. One afternoon he called me and since I still have problems understanding English over the phone I only got that I’d be getting some free organ meats from a grass-fed cow. YES!

I considered first doing just liver and onions but I realized I didn’t have enough onions, so I moved onto the next easiest thing you can do with liver: liver with bay and onions. The idea is to fry some onions, then fry the liver, then add some wine and let the liver stew in it. Ah, and some bay leaves, obviously.

I have to admit that since the liver was presliced I found it easier to cook, since it was stewed more uniform. If you don’t have wine (like I did that night) you can always use broth as a substitute. Surprisingly enough, this is a dish that requires very little salt when using broth since that has a fair amount of it – but if you are using wine you may need to add a bit more just to bring out the flavors.

Also, I found the taste to be milder than my usual lamb liver. I have to admit I like lamb liver more, but this was definitely tasty. Now, if I can convince my roommate to give me more free meat…


Emulating expensive tastes

So, like I rambled last week, I don’t consider myself a chef, not even a cook. But sometimes, necessity forces you to experiment in order to sustain yourself. After all, they say she’s the mother of all inventions.

So I carved a chicken and just like for the paella, I sprinkled it generously but with turmeric and pepper, and just a dash of paprika. I wanted a more intense flavor this time. Besides, I felt like using that bottle of turmeric I got when I had to substitute Safrron in a Recipe for Rice and Eggs (since it’s not Paleo I haven’t posted it here, but I may upload pictures of it on the Facebook page). Again, I left it in the fridge for a couple hours, and fried it in coconut oil. I changed it to a baking sheet and baked it for 20 minutes (I love my oven-resistant thermometer!) until cooked. While the chicken was baking I deglazed the pan with chicken stock, and added some tapioca to thicken the sauce. Since some clumps did form I had to strain it. I served it over a bed of arugula salad.

Salmon croquettes

A quick and cheap way to introduce fish in any diet is via canned fish. Whether it is tuna, salmon or sonething else, it is usually good quality and relatively inexpensive. I’ve always associated canned fish with one of two things: salads or croquettes. In this case it will be salmon in the latter.

Opening the can, flaking the fish, adding chopped onion, cilantro, mustard, and two beaten eggs in order to form the paste. Using coconut flour to dry the mixture if too moist.

Making the croquettes (in this case patties), frying them in ghee, not crowding them (I did three at the time)

Choosing a good salad to go with it, maybe topping them with crème fraîche, adding some cauliflower rice leftover from another meal.

Quite simple, ain’t it? Recipe from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook


The horror! The travesty! The sin! The…
Yeah, I woke up a sunday morning wanting pancakes. And since I have a huge bag of coconut flour I said What the heck.

This recipe calls for coconut milk, coconut flour, vanilla, eggs and butter. You mix everything until you form a batter.

It was three eggs to a cup of flour and a quarter cup of milk. NO. I used A LOT MORE milk. Like almost two cups.

Much better. I cooked them in my cast iron skillet with lots and lots of butter.

And lots of batter make lots of pancakes.

With strawberries and greek yoghurt. And some raw cocoa. DELICIOUS.

Recipe from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook. Maybe I should do a book review, since I get a lot of recipes from there?