Reading faux pas

So, I’ve mentioned that when you are cooking you need to think the process, all the way from reading the recipe (or analyzing the pantry) up to serving the dish to yourself or your wonderful guests. I didn’t.

For the curry that the Virginia Hunter-Gatherers wrote I did not read the recipe. I did not look at the ingredients, and ended up getting only a pound of stew meat when the recipe required three; I made the onion-ginger-garlic paste and started simmering it before I had made the coconut milk; and forgot that i had curry paste, not powder, before I had dumped everything in the Dutch oven.

This is where you start to get creative: I made the coconut milk while the paste was simmering (and the onion fragranced my kitchen).

I riced the cauliflower while the sauce was simmering.

And I removed half the sauce after the first twenty minutes of reduction to save it for another day – when I buy another pound or two of chuck and put it in the slow cooker.

And I cleaned the dishes while I waited for the curry to be done. I added turmeric to balance the curry paste, since I expected it to be far more concentrated than curry powder – it also helped bringing out the taste of ginger. I didn’t add too much salt – just a bit after the first reduction, so I will need to add salt when I’m cooking the other portion of the curry.

Saved face, and ended with a delicious meal!