A rainbow of chard

I’m qualifying this as prep, because a good side of veggies is mandatory. After all, meat should add up to only one third of your plate, no more. But sometimes salads can be boring (or repetitive!).

Chard is in bloom right now. Every store I go has chard. Always. Even the Farmer’s Market has chard, so let’s cook chard. I’m using Melissa’s method of steam-sauteeing, but with a little oil: first I wash the chard, and let it drip for a little while. Then I chop it. In the meantime, I fry a clove of garlic in oil (either coconut or avocado) so it realeases its flavors.

When you can smell the garlic, that’s when you add back the chard and then cover it so it steams. Every couple mintues I stir it so it doesn’t burn off. If it’s getting too dry you can always add a little bit of water.

When done, you add salt and pepper. That’s it. Great complement for meats1


Multiple lines of work

Not only a good practice to save time, multiple batch cooking also saves energy. In this case, I cooked my chicken (a concoction of coconut aminos, ginger, onions and paprika marinating chicken drumsticks) with a braised cabbage (from Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint Cookbook) in order to save both. The chicken I explained yesterday, the cabbage a while ago, but since I had done it horribly wrong, here’s my attempt to make it right.

I quartered the cabbage, and then halved those quarters in order to get eigths. I spread all the wedges in two baking dishes and added carrots and onions to them. The dishes were lightly oiled with olive oil, and then I drizzled more oil on top of the veggies. Since this is a braise, I added chicken stock.

I wrapped them in foil and stuck them in the oven at 350F (on purpose lower than the 375F the recipe mentions) for an hour. After that, I took them out, and carefully flipped them over so they would cook evenly.

I reintroduced them in the oven, with the chicken so it would cook for an hour at 350F (see? On purpose!)

An hour later I took them out and drizzled Balsamic Vinegar all over the veggies. I didn’t returned them to braise at an open fire because, well, it started to char a bit, and I thought that was enough cooking. Apparently I was lacking in the amount of chicken stock used.

Definitely a good pair, chicken and cabbage. Well spiced both of them, but a great pair!